FBC Childlife Safari

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childlife safari

At Fairfield Baptist we want you to be able to enjoy going to Lifegroups and Worship Service without having to worry about your little ones. Childlife Safari has a team of trained individuals who want to care for your little ones and put your mind at ease so that you can relax and grow in the Lord.

Bunnies - This is our nursery class for infants. Children will be in this class until they are 12 to 18 months old. Our Bunny leaders pride themselves on caring for the needs of your infant while listening to and catering to your individual needs as a parent. At this age we do ask parents to bring a diaper bag with their child containing diapers, wipes, bottled formula, snacks, or whatever else your child may need while in our care.

Turtles - This is our younger toddler class. Children will usually be in this class until they are 2.5 to 3 years old. Turtles focus on having fun while playing, sharing toys and cleaning up, eating snack together at the table, being thankful to God, and being able to express themselves verbally. At this age we ask that parents bring a diaper bag containing a sippy cup with your child’s name on it, extra diapers and wipes, and a change of clothes in case of an accident. A small healthy snack will be provided in each class time.

Pandas - This is our older toddler class. Children will usually be in this class until the September 1st when they are 4 years old. This class provides pandas with the opportunity to have structured and unstructured activities of play, listening to a weekly bible story, sharing thoughts and ideas with each other, and group singing. Students in this class should be fully potty trained. A small healthy snack will be provided in each class time.

Giraffes - This is our Pre-Kindergarten class. Children will be in this class until they start Kindergarten. Giraffes focus on age appropriate bible studies and worksheets, advancing their verbal skills, being able to more independently work on projects, respecting and loving their classmates, retaining and recalling bible stories, and group worship. A small healthy snack will be provided in each class time.

First Timers

Step 1: Go to the child check-in counter

Step 2: Fill out an orange family registration card. This is where you would also let us know about any allergies or special needs for your child.

Step 3: The check-in greeter will enter the info into our system and register your child for class. If you would also like a pager so that we can page you if there is a problem, please request one at this time.

Step 4: Your child will receive a disposable name tag each day they are checked in. (If they are in the Bunnies or Turtles Class they will also get a label for their diaper bag.)

Step 5: You will receive a parent pick up slip. This slip has the matching code that is on your child’s name tag so that only you can pick them up.

Step 6: The check-in greeter will show you where your child’s classroom is.

Step 7: Walk your child to class and meet the teacher.

Step 8: After church service come back to your child’s classroom and show the tag to the teacher to pick him/her up.