Man vs Bacon

Saturday, July 12th
11am to 3pm
Fairfield Baptist


What is Man vs. Bacon?

Man vs. Bacon is a fun filled 4 hour competitive afternoon designed by men, for men. And it’s all FREE!! At Man vs. Bacon we have 9 different events that you can compete in. All of the events are open the entire time and you can compete in as many or as few as you want. Even if you choose not to compete, you will still have a blast watching the competitions. Plus we will have the BBQ’s cooking, the bacon buffet aroma-ing(yes I know that’s not really a word), the music rocking, and the cold drinks pouring all day long!!! So what are you waiting for? Check out the events below, and come an join us for some free food and fun!! Man vs. Bacon is open to Men and Boys age 10 years and older and it is held in the baseball field at Fairfield Baptist Church. Once you have decided what events you want to compete in, please register by clicking the “Register Here” button. Any Questions, Call Brock (541) 915-1624

 Check Out The Events Below


Best Bacon Dish Challenge
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!! Do you have a great bacon dish? Well if you do, bring it on down to our judges!! We will have 3 separate categories. (1. Best Tasting Ba- con Dish. 2. Best Bacon Dessert 3. Most Creative Bacon Dish.) All the Bacon Dishes will be on our “Bacon Buffet” for all to enjoy!
Here are the simple rules:

  1. Your dish must serve at least 15 people.
  2. Your dish must contain bacon. 
  3. Anyone can make your dish. (including you, your wife, mother, or sister)
  Cornhole Tournament
Some call it Cornhole, some call it Urban Horseshoes, but after you have played it, you will definitely call it Fun!! Cornhole is played in 2-man teams and you are throwing a corn bag(bean bag filled with corn) and trying to get it to land on a board or better yet fall through the hole. First team to get to 21 points wins. We will be having a double elimination 2-man team tournament. When you register you can tell us who your partner is or you can request us to assign you a partner. This game seems pretty basic, but the outcomes are always nail biters and a whole lot of fun!!

Big Can Hunter
You have probably played Big Buck Hunter, or Big Game Hunter. Well welcome to Big Can Hunter. In our game the cans are not running through the woods, and there is nothing attacking you, but we do still make it pretty challenging. There will be a lot of targets ranging in difficulty level and points. We hand you a Red Ryder BB gun and let you take 10 shots to see how many points you can rack up. Towards the end of the day there will be a “shoot off” between the highest scorers competing for the ultimate title of “Big Can Hunter”.


Nascar Challenge
I know what you are thinking. A riding lawnmower is not a Nascar. And you are right. Now that we have that out of the way, lets talk about this event. You get on the mower and we say “go”. You navigate and steer and lean your way through a course with sharp turns, narrow alleys, and a whole lots of cones. As you cross the finish line we stop the clock and check out your time. Then we check to see how many cones you knocked over on the way through. After we get done penalizing your time for knocking over cones, we record your time. The top guys at the end of the day with the best times compete against each other for the Championship.

  H20 Chug
We thought about doing a hot dog eating contest, or an ice cream eating contest, but lets face it, with all of the delicious bacon dishes that are going to be around who wants to eat hot dogs or ice cream?  So water it is.  Everyone gets 3 bottles of water, we say “go”, first guy to down all 3 bottles wins.  Right now you are probably say- ing, “no problem, I can drink water like a pro”, but everyone thinks that and in the end there can only be one winner.  Good luck!!
  Swing Away Batting Cages
Do you think you can hit a fastball?  Well we will find out!!  We are going to turn up the pitching machine and let you swing your heart out.  Every guy gets a couple practice pitches and then an official 10 pitches.   You score points based on your aim.  At the end of the day,  the top guys with the most points swing away for brag- ging rights and maybe a little something more. 
  Disc Golf Challenge
Ok, ok, so you cannot hit a baseball or throw a football.  That’s why they invented “alternative sports”.  For guys like you.  Guys with finesse and style.   Most guys think anyone can throw a frisbee into a basket, but you know the truth.  You know that its not called a frisbee, but a golf disc.   And you also know that this sport isn’t just for anybody.  And that is why you are going to register.  To prove to those over- grown jocks that they can’t always win at everything.  10 throws at the basket.  The guys with the most successful throws compete at the end of the day.  This is your moment, your chance to shine and be noticed.  Carpe diem!!
  Robin Hood Alley
You may not be competing for a kiss from Maid Marion, but that does not mean you shouldn’t do your best.(we may have a surprise kiss for you)  We supply the bow and the arrows, you supply the skill and talent.  Five shots at the target.  The archers with the best scores will draw their bows for a final time until a winner is crowned and kissed.  OK, I lied, there will not be any kissing.
  Bullseye Golf Drive
I personally hate golf.  If I am ever starting to get overly confident and full of my- self, all I have to do is go golfing for a couple hours to realize that I am not as won- derful as I think I am.  But some of you are just the opposite.  Some of you think golf is a way of life.  Well this challenge is for you.  We set up a huge target with different point values.  We hand you a club and 5 balls.  You take 5 shots at the tar- get, scoring points.  At the end of the day the top golfers compete in a Drive-Off.  The winner gets to brag about being good at a sport that honestly makes no sense to me in the first place.  Happy Golfing!!